About dash trim kits.

Dash kits this is a dekor for car interiors, thats installs on the existing panel.

Our goods made of the premium materials imitating wood grain, carbon, aluminum finishes.

Dash kits sticks on the 3M 467MPL tape.

All dash trim kits details have polyuritane surface, and rounded shapes.

You don't need any professional skills to install the kit. Also you can easy remove it from the dashboard of your car.

Installation instruction

Step 1

Thoroughly clear the surface of the panel, using a universal degreaser. It is necessary to thoroughly degrease the panel so that the kit is installed on a clean plastic surface. If you have rubbed the surface of the plastic with special means, then it is necessary to wipe it until there is not a single hint of dirt, grease, etc. Degreasing is the most important stage of installation process.

After you have degreased the surface of the dashboard, it is necessary to try on every detail of the dash kit set, attach every piece of a dash kit set. You must visually determine the installation location of the parts.

For the correct fixation of the overlays on the panel, we recommend to use the 3M 94 primer, you don't need it if you completely clear the surface of dashboard. The primer is not included to the dash kit set. Next, on the surface on which you will install your kit, you should apply a primer. It is recomended to apply the primer to the contours of dasboard whe details will be sticked.

Step 2

This stage of installing the decor involves heating the detail of dash trim kit. The parts of the dash kit fit tightly together in the box during transportation. Due to this, traces may appear on the upper surface of the parts. To make these traces disappear, you need to warm up the pads with the hair dryer. We recommend using a hair dryer. It is strictly forbidden to use an industrial (construction)  dryer, as it gives too high temperature, that can damage the surface of car's dashboard and details of dash trim kit . After you have warmed up the pads, the parts will become more flexible.

Step 3

Start carefully removing the pads from the substrate. Try to hold the parts of the set so as to avoid contact of your fingers with the surface of the tape.

Step 4

Very carefully install the part, from any edge and smoothly applying the set part to the panel. A very important point is that the adhesive tape has very good adhesive qualities, so do not press the pad heavily against the panel at this stage.

Step 5

After you have installed the part, press your hands hard over the entire surface of the lining to fix the result.

Step 6

A properly installed set of decorative overlays will undoubtedly add personality, luxury and, of course, uniqueness to your car.

Be sure to cover the panel with a sunscreen, reflective visor in the warm period.